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In 1962 I had broken my arm playing football and while sitting around listening to a Husky football game I was looking for something to do. I picked up a magazine that had a picture of Katherine Hepburn on it and began to draw. When I finished the drawing I noticed how good it made me feel. Then, as I was being praised for that work, I realized how much I also enjoyed that. I began to see what the future had in store for me.

Now, a number of years later, I'm an artist. I wish I could tell you how wonderful that feels. I spend time creating images that seem to be pleasing a lot of people and in most cases raising a lot of money for charity. I'm now able to say things that don't always come easy, with my art. This web site is intended to share some of that with you. Its also intended to give you a break from whatever your dealing with, as I do when I draw. So take a few minutes and enjoy a timeout and my work. I once told a reporter that "I felt that I'd been given a gift and I hope I'm doing what I'm supposed to with it. You be the judge. Life is wonderful!


  Custom Portraits of Fallen Soldiers Drawn Free of Charge
Premier Northwest Artist Generous Offer to Draw Soldier Portraits

What if all you had left of a loved one was photos and memories? For those that have a family member killed as a soldier in the War Against Terrorism, that is all they have left of them. Using the family’s favorite photo, professional custom hand-drawn portraits are available free of charge to the families of all servicemen and women who have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan in America’s War Against Terrorism from portrait artist Michael Reagan. More...


Portraits From The Heart - July 16, 2004
'When You Look At That Picture, There Is Joy' - November 11, 2004

For more information on the Fallen Hero Portrait project, click on the flag

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